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How To Honor Your Self-Care While In A Relationship

Self-care while in a relationship is vital. It’s what helps you remain grounded and true to you. Self-care also gives you the opportunity to love and pour into yourself which allows you to pour back into your partner and the relationship. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. All other relationships flow from your connection to you. Self-care is a way to consistently nourish

and grow your relationship with you. Self-care is vital. Here are a few ways to make sure you are maintaining your self-care while in a relationship.

Prioritize: if you don’t put your self-care first, no one else will. Get yourself permission to put yourself first consistently. Understand why it is important for you to prioritize your self-care

Communicate: let your partner know how important self-care is to you and what consistent self-care looks like. Your partner could help you be accountable to your self-care and re-direct you if you are starting to put the needs of others ahead of yours.

Plan: spontaneous self-care is great, but you are more likely to be consistent with self-care if you plan it out and even put it on your calendar. Make sure you communicate with your partner what your plans are, especially if you focusing on your self-care shifts the amount of time you and your partner spend together. This can be an adjustment for both of you.

Do it/follow-through: so you’ve prioritized, communicated your self-care needs to your partner, planned it out, now you have to make sure you do it. Self-care does not work unless you actually act on it.

Reflect: think about how consistent self-care has impacted you and your life. Think about what you want to change or keep the same with your self-care in the coming days/weeks to help you remain consistent with your self-care

By putting each of these steps in practice, consistently, you will see a shift in your self-care and your relationship to yourself.



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