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I was having a conversation with my sister the other day about our infant daughter's sleep patterns at night. We both have baby girls born three weeks apart. Neither of them are sleeping through the night so we were sharing what works and what doesn't work for each of them. Finally, I had the thought "why do people put so much emphasis on the sleep habits of babies?" I understand how important sleep is for infants, but it seems like overkill sometimes. Especially when most adults don't sleep through the night. In that moment, I shifted my focus. I stopped worrying and instead became excited about the strides that we were making as a family. I trusted that my daughter's sleep pattern would regulate in due time. I immediately felt a release of pressure and anxiety.

This thought pattern can also be applied to self-care. How many times have you made a decision that went against what you knew was best for you because of what someone else said or thought? Honoring your own path, and running your race at your pace is the ultimate form of self-care. Studies show that people are now more depressed and anxious than ever because of the comparison that can happen through viewing other's lives via social media. We see someone doing something that we think we should be doing which leads us to feeling down about ourselves. What if you allowed yourself to be joyful, excited, and focused on your life? When you pour into yourself and focus on what you have going on, you will less likely be negatively impacted by what others are doing.

Run your race at your pace!

Until next time,

Love, Live, Life



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