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Is time alone part of your self-care routine?

Alone time has always been important for me, especially as a therapist, spending time with clients session after session, time alone fueled me and helped to stay centered and grounded so I could continue to be of service. Now, as the mother of a little one, alone time is paramount. I spend a large amount of time with Ava, I love that and I am grateful for it. Also, time with her can lead me to feeling “touched-out.” This is a phrase that I first learned about from my dear friend and fellow "mompreneur" Sarah Bivens of Doing It At Home Podcast. It essentially means the burn-out feeling a mom (parent, caregiver) can feel when their dear, sweet little one WILL NOT STOP TOUCHING them lol. I get it, I am Ava’s home. In every sense of the word. She literally lived inside of me for ten months. So he’s touching me provides a sense of safety, security, confidence. In addition to the endorphins that we both produce as a result of touch. I mean, who doesn’t love a hug or open-mouthed kiss from their baby? I know who, a mom who has been touched by said baby from the time he/she wakes up until the time he/she goes to sleep. This touch is also integral in Ava understanding her independence and autonomy. She literally figuring out where my body ends and hers begins.

In order for me to continue to be this for her, I’ve got to make sure I’m doing all I can to take care of myself. Making time for myself is a priority. It’s also really helpful to have a partner, family, and friends who support the is as well. Getting alone time sometimes involves the coordination of others. It looks like me asking for what I need which sometimes is to be left alone at home or going out of the house by myself.

Whether you are a parent or not, there is so much value in spending time alone. If it’s not something you do on a regular basis, are you now considering adding it to your routine?

Love, Live, Light



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