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LMFT (Licenced Marrage and Family Therapist)

      Through therapy, I inspire my clients to look beyond the constructs of their childhood experiences in an environment that fosters transparency, honesty, and sustainable growth.

      My practice has two primary areas of focus; self-care and shifting narratives. Self care is a powerful tool that helps to cultivate and nurture the most important relationship in our lives; the relationship we have with ourselves. Also at the heart of my therapy is assisting clients in developing awareness of old patterns, and releasing narratives that no longer serve them. This creates the space for new perspectives and more robust life experiences.

      We will accomplish this together by utilizing a dynamic therapeutic style that draws from multiple theories. This series of techniques encourages clients to reconnect with their bodies; and to create harmony and balance emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially. This happens through the use of mindfulness practices, personalized self-care plans, and a radical approach to self-governance.

About Me

About Me

As early as age 9, I was sure that I wanted to spend my life helping people. As I got older, friends and family would often come to me seeking advice, guidance, or a confidant. I remember envisioning an office with a client lying on a couch, telling me their most intimate thoughts and allowing me to guide them through their challenges. It was no surprise that I quickly became interested in psychology in high school and never looked back.


In 2006, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Psychology. Like many graduates, I didn't exactly have a plan. That same year, I excitedly moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked with numerous children and families affected by autism at The Marcus Autism Center. I gained a profound sense of connection with the human spirit there. During my time there, I was able to sharpen my passion for helping others. Not long after, I decided that my talents would be best utilized by working with families, couples, and individuals requiring guidance in managing life’s circumstances.

I began the Master’s of Family Therapy program at Mercer University in 2010. I completed the program in 2012, then I became a CORE therapist for Northside Psychological Services where I provided community based therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and their families. While there, I discovered the desire to work with a more specific population of children and families. In 2015 ,I began my work with community based counseling center, CHRIS180. Their mission is to fill a gap in services for children and youth with behavioral and emotional challenges, while preparing foster children for all manner of transitions.

2015 was also the year that I became a fully licensed marriage and family therapist. Although I will always have an inclination to work with children, I have assisted many adults who have not yet healed emotional wounds from their childhoods. The work that I have done with children includes ABA, developing IEP and 504 plans, as well as adoption. The skills I learned in these areas greatly informs the work I currently do with individuals, couples, and families. I am passionate about inspiring clients to look beyond the constructs of their childhood experiences while holding a space for transparency, honesty, and sustainable growth. Are you desperately seeking a change in your life? Confused about what the future may hold or your place in it? Contact me today! It isn't too late to start living the life of your dreams.


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