Werking From Home

I'm the kind of person who changes clothes multiple times a day to fit my mood or boost my mood. It is the ultimate form of self-care for me. If I am feeling cruddy, I will put on some lipstick and a different outfit.....instant mood boost! Especially now that when most of us are working from home, why not WERK from home? It is easy to feel sluggish or out of it when you are in pajamas all day schlepping around your house. Change it up with a change of clothes.


Currently, we are all trying to figure out what works best for us moment to moment. Some people were already working from home and are now trying to adjust to everyone they live with being at home too. Other people have never worked from home before this, and are figuring out what their new normal will be.


It makes sense, we are at home all day, where we are most comfortable, so yes, lets hang out in our pajamas all day. I get it. Think about it this way, what we wear can impact our mood. You know how it feels to be wearing your favorite pair of jeans, or that dress that fits just right, or even those new pair of shoes. It's like a bolt of energy goes through you and you immediately perk up, stand up straight, and own the day. You can create the same effect while you work from home. So this week, instead of throwing on the same pajamas you've been wearing all week, go through your closet and put on something you haven't worn in a while, something that makes you feel alive, sexy and sparks joy! 


Need some encouragement? Check out my video below! Join the #changeclotheschallenge. Record a video of yourself in a cute outfit, at home, post it, and tag me @ejcounselingatl on Instagram!



Love and light!

Erica James-Strayhorn, LMFT


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