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For Christmas and New Year’s Eve, my husband and I travelled to Greensboro, NC (my hometown), and Toronto, Canada.


My intention is to travel at least 4 times per year. Some of the trips are local/drivable day trips. Other trips require flying both nationally and internationally. For some, travel can be seen as overwhelming, tiring, and cumbersome. For me, it is energizing, enlightening, and exciting. I love deciding where to go, planning the trip, and nothing is better than the anticipation leading up to the voyage. Every time I travel, I come back with a renewed and refreshed outlook on life. Typically, my life in Atlanta is pretty scheduled. I know where I am going to be, and what I will be doing each hour of each day. Although there is room for down town and spontaneity, one of the biggest gifts I receive while traveling is not being tethered to a schedule. The freedom I feel when I don’t have anywhere in particular to be is phenomenal. It allows me to be more relaxed and truly go with the flow. My mind is clearer and less cluttered and my thoughts flow more freely. 


Another amazing part of travel for me is exploring! I love going to a new city and figuring things out. Walking and utilizing public transportation are wonderful ways to learn about a city. On my most recent trip to Toronto, my husband and I walked about 4 miles each day and utilized the streetcar and subway system. Public transportation in Toronto is very easy to use. It was phenomenal and it allowed us to use our critical thinking skills to figure out how to get where we needed to go. And, because we did not have a tight schedule to stick to, it was okay if we took the incorrect train and got lost.  It also took us out of our comfort zones in that we had to ask those around us for assistance. It’s great not having all the answers all the time and trusting that things will work out. We loved sight seeing, shopping, finding restaurants and places to listen to music and dance. Toronto is a buzzing city with many different neighborhoods, people, and cultures. It was a great place to ring in the New Year.


I also love how travelling stretches me. Initially, when we decided to go to NC, back to Atlanta for a day, and then to Toronto, I was a little nervous. I hadn’t travelled back to back before, so the quick turn around time was new for me. Rather than allowing myself to be overwhelmed, I leaned into the nervousness and saw it as an opportunity to be present. Everything flowed peacefully and I even created the time to work out and stick to my health and fitness goals. Familiarity and being in a consistent routine is a comfort zone for me. So traveling to Greensboro, which is very familiar, then to a new place definitely shook things up. 


Travelling allows me to observe how I showed up uncomfortable situations. The weather was very cold and cloudy in Toronto. The warmest day was 34 degrees and the coldest was around 23 degrees. There was also a day where it rained and snowed. I had the opportunity to choose how I was going to relate to the weather. Although I was prepared with plenty of warm clothing and snow boots, I still had to choose whether or not I would allow the weather to determine my mood. I choose happiness and joy in the face of the cruddy weather. I thought to myself “Why would I allow something like the weather to impact my mood and potentially ruin a fabulous trip?” This is a lesson that I brought back to Atlanta with me. No matter what shows up, I can still choose to be happy and joyous! 


Another reason traveling is important to me is gratitude. No matter how near or far I travel, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the ability to travel. I can sit back and think about how abundant I am that I have the resources and opportunities to travel and see different parts of the country and the world and that I have a lifestyle that supports it. 


Travel far and often!

Until next time,


Love, live, life,


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