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Empowering my clients to find their own personal power is what I am most passionate about. We all posses the power to create the lives that we want. Sometimes we don't know how to access that power or are unaware that we have it in the first place. Joining my clients on their journey to their power is a wonderful experience. When I see a light bulb turn on, that 'a-ha' moment, its as if weight has been lifted. This is also when the conversation shifts out of victimhood. When you start to understand that you are a powerful person, it can come with a feeling of freedom. Instead of playing a background role in your own life, you become the director. You are no longer in the passenger seat, you become the driver. You start to do things to manage and reserve your power. You might change the people you hang around with and even the environments you spend time in. Your power becomes an important commodity and you strive to minimize power leakages.  There are many different ways that this power can be identified and felt. I find that pairing guided visualizations with journaling can be a great tool.


Guided Visualizations

Similar to meditation, I ask my clients to close their eyes and focus on their breath. This can be done either seated or lying down. I then ask clients to visualize what it would look like if certain goals were actualized. For example, if someone was working toward the goal of owning his or her own business, I would encourage that person to visualize what it looks like for he or she to be a business owner. Details are important, so try to see the complete vision down the last detail. It is also helpful to visualize/experience the goal through all 5 senses. What do you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste in the vision. Depending on the amount of detail, the guided visualization can last anywhere from 10 minutes to hours. If this is something you have not been intentional about doing in the past, or have never done before, it can take practice. That is okay, judging yourself about the way you do a visualization defeats the purpose. This is a time to allow your creativity to flow and tap into the power within so be easy with yourself.



Journaling plays a major role in self-care and managing mental and emotional health. It is also integral when it comes to accessing your power. Pairing journaling with guided visualizations can greatly help you access your power and bring your goals to life. After the guided visualization is complete, I then guide my clients in journaling their vision. Again, this part requires great detail. When you are using your personal power to create the experiences you want, make sure you are capturing everything from your vision. Write about what you experienced through your senses. Sometimes, journaling about the visualization might feel intimidating or even scary. You might even ask yourself "who am I to think I can accomplish a goal this big?" Or "can I do this?" Self-doubt might come into play. Remember, if you have the power to dream it, you can achieve it. (Corny, I know) but it's true. What's the harm in trying?


***This is not something you can do one time and everything from your vision will magically appear. As with most things, acknowledging your power and utilizing it takes practice. Guided visualizations and journaling are just two methods that can help you find your power and they have worked for me. I sometimes find myself daydreaming, this typically happens between sessions. I will have a complete and crystal clear vision about an aspect of my life and immediately write it down. What I write is very detailed, specific, and through the experience of all five senses. I did this numerous times in planning my wedding. I even got my husband involved. We both closed our eyes and saw not only how we wanted our wedding day to look but also how we wanted to feel. I wrote down every single detail and was intentional about what we wanted to create. Throughout our wedding day, I remember thinking to myself "wow I truly have the power to create what I want." It was a perfect day. This does not mean that there will never be obstacles or circumstances but understanding that you have power can help you peacefully manage those as well (that's a blog for another day.)


With the new year being right around the corner, this is the perfect time to utilize visualization and journaling in your new year's resolutions and goal setting. If you try it, I would love to know your experience. Please share!


Love, peace, and light,














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