Balanced Entrepreneurship

September 11, 2017


I identify with many roles. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, therapist, mental health advocate, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, queen, goddess. With all of these roles, I have to make sure I maintain a sense of balance for my health and continued growth. My journey to balance is such that it provides enough energy for me to help others as well as provide nourishment for me. There are numerous ways that I do this and I would like to share those with you!


These 6 main areas are what help me stay on balance, take care of myself as well as accomplish tasks/reach goals:


1) Find Your Tribe

2) Celebrate Your Wins

3) It's Okay To Say “Yes”

4) It’s Okay To Say “No”

5) Treat Yourself

6) Check Yourself


Find Your Tribe:

It is important to take regular  inventory of who is in your support system and if those people are actually supportive. Are the people in your support system who truly supportive you or are they dead weight holding you down? Sometimes, people who seem like they are on your team find a way to always knock or criticise your ideas. This can be a detriment to your spirit as well as to your emotional and mental health. If you experience this more times than not with someone in your circle, it might be time to cut them off. Having people around you who constantly make you second-guess yourself or have no faith in you, can be energetically draining. However, be mindful that there is a difference between someone cutting you down and some providing constructive criticism to help build you up. You have to be able to tell the difference. Also, keep in mind that the people in your entrepreneur tribe may be different from those in your family/friend tribe and that is okay. Different people provide different support. Make sure you are intentional about who is your tribe and that you each have qualities that the others may not so you can learn from each other,  have different perspectives, as well as cultivate creativity. After you have created your support team, do you know how to use your support system? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. What's the point of a support system if you do not go to them when you need help? Taking it a step further, Sometimes we have to learn how to accept help after we ask for it.


Celebrate Your Wins:

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to only focus on the obstacles, hurdles, and mis-steps. We often overlook our achievements. The strive for perfection often highlights the challenges while dimming the success. Remaining in this pattern for too long can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and overall instability in your mental and emotional health. Recognize the falls, don’t dwell on them. Learn from and them on. When you have a win, no matter how small, celebrate it. Tell someone, write it down, shout it from the roof top. We have all had those days when a win is simply making it through the day with no tears. The more you acknowledge the wins, you will recognize and create more.


It's Okay To Say Yes:

Earlier this year, kind of like a new year’s resolution, I vowed to say yes more. I realized that my default answer to most questions or situations was “no.” I felt that I was limiting myself by always saying “no” first without even considering the possibilities. So I decided to say “yes” more. Things were cool for a while and I was saying “yes” more but after a couple of weeks, the “no’s” crept back in. I tried again, this time a paid attention to what happened when I said “yes” more. What I found was that my life seemed a bit more happy. I felt more open the possibilities and I felt more creative. There was a general shift in my energy. There were times where saying “yes” may not have yielded the results that I wanted, but there were lessons learned in that moment. My saying “yes” more, I allowed myself to move through fear rather than being stopped by it.


Its Ok To Say No:

Equally as powerful as saying “yes” is knowing when to say “no.” We tend to have a habit of taking on more tasks than we can handle and sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of others. It’s is if saying “no” is not allowed and if you say it, you may be judged by others or even yourself. This type of mentality typically leads to stress, burn out, break downs, illness, disease, depression, anxiety, among other things. When you feel that you are being pushed to the limit or being spread too thin, it is okay to say “no.” Taking care of yourself while you take care of business is hugely important. What good is all the hard if you are not well enough or sane enough to enjoy it. Set healthy boundaries for yourself and stick to them. A boundary could be setting a time each night when you stop checking emails or using your phone. Another one could be not discussing work while you are spending time with your family or over dinner. Create standards for yourself and for those you work with. Sometimes we take on people who are draining and take up a lot of your time without adding b ack to you. Over the long run, that will also be a detriment


Check Yourself:

What ways can you tell that you need to slow down, take a break, seek support? What are the warning signs? Are there specific things, people, experiences that trigger upset, depression, anxiety in you? When you have identified those triggers, do you know what to do next to seek support? How do you keep all areas of your life in balance? Not that they all have to be at %100, but how can you keep the areas in your life in working order so that you are not imbalanced and creating emotional and mental challenges for yourself? Have you heard of functional depression? It is when people who are high functioning like business owners, mothers, people who have it together and are functioning at a moderate to high level in their lives yet they still have depression symptoms? How would you know that you have functioning depression? What are some signs that you look for? Withdrawing, losing interest in activities that you used to enjoy, have challenges with sleeping, changes in your eating habits, trouble with weight management. Now I am sure all of us have experienced everything that I have listed, the problem comes into play when these symptoms are masked and undetected or even denied to a point that they start to interfere with your everyday life and overall level of functioning.


I hope you find these tips helpful!


Love, peace, light,



-Pour into your relationships, nurture, love, and support members of your tribe


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