The Power of Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing and managing mental and emotional health. As a child, my mother was always writing. Everything from lists of things to-do, to writing down the goals she wanted to accomplish. Journaling is a habit that I learned from her. My first encounter with journaling came in the form of poetry writing. The very first poem I wrote was motivated by grief and loss. My God brother passed away in a tragic car accident when I was in high school. He and I grew up together and although there were a few years between us, we spent a lot of time together. I had never experienced the loss of someone so close to me. It hit me hard and the only way I could think of to process how I was feeling was through poetry. Now, whenever he or his mother cross my mind, I can go back to that poem and remember how much love and happiness he brought into the world.


From there, my poetry was focused mainly on boys and my teenage love life. Eventually, I gave up on poetry, but I still wrote in my journal albeit sporadically.

Now, I mostly find myself writing when I feel immensely happy and want to capture the moment or when a clear goal hits me. I stop what I'm doing and write it down. For example, yesterday, I was walking along minding my own business when "whammo" I had a vision of what I want for my private practice, career, and life. I stopped walked, grabbed my phone, opened the notes section, and wrote down what I envisioned. There is magic in writing. When you write something down, especially a goal. Unlike spoken word, what you write is permanent and continues to work even after you've put down the pen and closed the journal. I've experienced this many times. I will have an idea or goal, write it down great detail, and in a matter of time what I wrote manifests into reality. In the last few years, I've begun to write about the things or people who have become challenges or create emotional discord within. Journaling allows me to vent and get my feelings out without the input of someone else. Sometimes we want the opportunity to express ourselves and not have the input or thoughts of others. We want to experience our thoughts and emotions in their purest form. Journaling is a great way to capture that. It's also really cool to look back at old journals and see the goals you were working on or the challenges you were working through. For me, I feel sense of accomplishment and a connection to my history when I read old journals.


Many of us spend our entire day journaling though we may not see it as such. Posting on social media, writing blogs, and sending emails can be thought of as the modern form of  journaling. We capture emotions, share moments and ideas, and work through things on the world's stage via social media. I have also experienced journaling as confronting. Especially during the moments when I know I need to address or face something and instead I ignore it or am in full denial. Writing how you feel or think about something can be challenge because it forces you to really look at how and why you feel or think a certain way. This might also lead to you feeling the need to take action.  


My inspiration for creating The Journal Journey came from this. I wanted to write more and be held accountable to writing consistently. I was getting stuck and putting too much pressure on myself to write and I also did not want to deal with the 'real' emotions I was feeling at the time. The Journal Journey prompted me to face what I was going through and encouraged me to sit with myself and my emotions. What originally started as a ten day challenge has grown into almost a year long program with big changes on the way! There are now hundreds of Journeyers who write with me each week!! If you'd like to join, sign up today and receive a new topic each week related to the theme of the month. It's completely free! This month's theme is anxiety. I've receive numerous messages from people whose lives have shifted from being on The Journey! Join us and see what shifts you make!


Love, live, life




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