What Happened When I Started Saying "Yes" More.

March 5, 2017

I decided a few years ago that I would focus on saying "yes" more than saying "no."

The motivation was to shift my experiences from limiting to abundant. I thought that by saying "yes" more, I would attract and create more abundance and joy in my life. I would remind myself of often to say "yes" more. However, I realized that I was thinking about saying "yes" more but was not actually doing it.


Fast forward to this year. At the start of the year, I reminded myself to say "yes" more and I also thought about what I could do differently to move from the thought of saying "yes" to the action of saying "yes." What came up for me was to be intentional about what I was saying "yes" to as well as being mindful of what the outcome of my saying "yes" would be. This is when I started to see actual shifts happening. Specifically, I began to experience more joy and abundance in my life.


Another piece of the puzzle was for me to think about why saying "no" came so quickly and naturally for me.  Why was saying "no" so easy for me? What did I enjoy about saying "no" without thinking about the possibilities of "yes?" I realized that anytime I was asked to do something different, that may have been a little out of my norm and/or comfort zone, I would automatically think "no." Thinking "no" then lead to me saying "no." With this in mind, when I was asked to do something out of my norm, I encouraged myself to pause, which allowed me time to think, then respond. Sometimes my response would still be "no" however, I recognized that I responded with "yes" more frequently with amazing outcomes!


I am also learning that shifting from "no" to "yes" will be ongoing and there is beauty in the balance of saying both "yes" and "no." This journey has inspired me to look inward more and trust my intuition. There are times to say "no" and times to say "yes." It is up to me to determine which will create the most abundance and joy!



Love, Peace, Light


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