Goal Setting, The SMART Way!

December 30, 2016

It's that time of year again! You know, when we make a list of things that we would like to change or accomplish and call them New Year's Resolutions. The funny thing about New Year's Resolutions is that they are rarely attained. Why do you think that happens? We all have the intention to accomplish our resolutions but it just doesn't happen. Why not? I think it is partly because the resolutions that we set are novel, non sustainable, and we have no one checking in with us to see how the attainment of our resolutions is going. What can we do to change this? How about creating goals, instead of resolutions, that we can actually attain. We do this by making them SMART goals and by having an accountability partner! Sounds like fun, right?!


When thinking about the goals you would like to focus on, try not to make them too lofty. For example,  if you have never set foot in a gym before, you might not want to set a goal of working out every day of the week. The goals you set are most attainable if they fit within the lifestyle you already have. If you use the acronym SMART to guide your goal setting, you'll see that they will be more attainable.



Let's break it down!

S = Specific: Your goals need to be well defined and clear/simple to explain to someone else.

M = Measurable: Make sure there is a way you can determine if the goal is complete and/or how far away from completion it is.

A = Attainable: Are your goals things you can visualize yourself achieving or are they too novel or complex?

R = Realistic: Are your goals within the availability of your resources and knowledge?

T = Time Based: We are more motivated to complete goals if we identify a specific date  for them to be attained by.


Another key factor in attaining your goals is accountability. Accountability is defined as: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions. In order for us to accomplish daily tasks, we must have some level of self-accountability. Some of us have more of that than others, lol. However, when we have another person, or other people to check in on us and offer support, we are more likely to attain more goals. Your accountability partner can help you create your goals as well. He or she will tell you if one of your goals is not SMART and help you replace it with one that is.  When it comes to accomplishing your goals, it can be helpful to have someone hold you accountable to reaching them, other than yourself. In those moments when you  feel discouraged about completing your goals, you can reach out to your accountability partner for an added boost of motivation.


It is helpful if your accountability partner knows you personally and is someone who is not afraid to give you feedback about your goals as well as support you in reaching them. You can schedule regular check-ins with your accountability partner to ensure that you stay on track and communicate when you may need extra help or resources to accomplish a goal. You can have one accountability partner or you can create an accountability team!


Having difficulty figuring out who your accountability partner could be? Try this: make a list of people in your life who would be supportive and encouraging accountability partners and why. When creating the list, keep in mind the qualities that you would like this person to have. (ex. someone who is great with time management, is responsible, has integrity, and communicates clearly).


I am part of an accountability group that I meet with weekly. I have been meeting with this particular group for about six months now. If it were not for them, there are dozens of goals that I would not have attained this year. They really have my back and are always there to support me when I need it. They also challenge me to make sure the goals I create are SMART. After you identify a few people, communicate to them about your goals and how you would like for them to support you. Encourage them to create goals as well so you can be each other's partners. Schedule a time meet or check in with each other regularly to make sure everyone is getting closer to attaining and sustaining their goals!


Here is to a peaceful, abundant, and loving new year!


Peace, love, and light


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