Individual Therapy


Working with clients one on one is where healing can begin. Individual sessions focus on empowerment, confidence, self-exploration, and growth. This is also where trauma and trauma responses are uncovered, understood, and healed. In individual therapy, the space is created for clients to explore themselves freely and creatively. Clients are supported in recognizing unhealthy patterns and discovering new patterns in order to propel them to where they wish to be. The cIient is the captain of their life and I am the co-captain assisting with staying on the course of balance and peace. Through the therapeutic relationship, clients are supported in making shifts in the following areas: anxiety, depression, anger, stress, relationship challenges, communication, self-esteem, personal growth, life transitions, finding balance in life, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. Together we can create a mission statement and relationship standards. Both are integral in the client attracting an ideal life and relationships.

Couples' Therapy

It is important that partners learn to communicate with each other and work toward a common goals. It takes time to understand the intricate details of each couple and design a plan with tools that can be used to assist couples overcome challenges, facilitate growth, and troubleshoot for the future while nurturing and supporting the individuals. Couples' are supported in the following areas: communication, goal setting, family planning, boundary establishment, infidelity, blended families, finances, parenting, supporting the individuals, establishing or reestablishing sexual intimacy, sexual exploration. 


Being an adoptions certified therapist means that I have specific, intensive training related to adoption. I have an in-depth understanding of core adoption issues, current clinical tools, and evidence-based practices. I also have advanced skills through clinical case consultation from adoption competent experts. The process of adoption is very unique and presents a myriad of challenges that I am more than equipped to help families and individuals navigate through the work I have done with families here in the metro Atlanta area. 

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Consultation services assisting families who have children with special needs navigate the public school system. This includes support with IEPs, 504 plans, and behavior intervention plans. 
Free: 15 minute phone consultation

$125/ Individual Session (1 hour)

$200/ Couples' Session (1 hour)

$250/ Family Session (Adoption) (1 hour)

$150/ Mental Health Coaching (1 hour)


I am not listed as a mental health provider on provider lists or panels. I can provide you with receipts which may be used to request reimbursement, also known as a superbill, utilizing your out-of-network benefits, from your insurance company. I also accept flex pay cards.



It is the responsibility of the client to provide payment at the time of service. I accept multiple forms of payment. You can request to receive a receipt for your personal and/or insurance needs. Special payment arrangement is to be discussed at the start of the session, if needed.



Please communicate with me as soon as possible If you need to cancel or reschedule a session. Please note that 24-hour advance cancellation or rescheduling of appointments is required in order to avoid being billed for the session. If you cancel or reschedule an appointment within the 24-hour time frame, or no-show for an appointment, you will be charged your full session fee.



Emergencies do arise, however, I’m not able to provide emergency coverage for clients on an “on call” basis. If an urgent mental health issue emerges, I recommend that you call Georgia Crisis & Access line (1-800-715-4225), which is staffed 24 hours per day every day of the week with counselors. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency hospital.

Mental Health Coaching

Mental Health Coaching is a cognitive and behavioral form of strengths-based support for adults living with mental health difficulties and disorders. Mental Health Coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving one’s present life and reaching goals for the future. Mental health coaches use a partnership model wherein the client is an active participant in their own recovery plan, the one who decides what is worth doing, while the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change and accountability to help the client stay on track.

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